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Single Course

Enter Alan Chan’s World of Beauty, Creativity and Appreciation

November 24, 2023
4 hours
Alan Chan
Course Fee
12,000 HKD per person
Curriculum Area

Renowned artist and designer Alan Chan has seamlessly incorporated elements of nature into his work and draws inspiration from everyday life. It is a reminder that art is not confined to traditional mediums, but rather permeates various aspects of our daily life, including nature, cuisine, fashion, and music.

During this workshop, the boundaries between floral art, design, art, photography, and cuisine converge, providing an opportunity to explore the interplay between these different artistic forms. Alan Chan will share his insights to uncover how beauty and creativity can be expressed and appreciated in everyday life. Through hands-on experiences and one-on-one coaching, participants will learn the principles and techniques of flower arrangement and photography. The course fee will include lunch, flower materials and tools, an A3 photo print, and a frame.

The workshop and cuisine experience will be held at CVIEW and CURATOR Masterclass space, which are designed by Alan Chan, along with Hong Kong architect Enoch Hui.

Course Language: Cantonese & English

About Lecturer

Alan Chan (born 1950, Hong Kong) is a designer, a brand consultant and an artist who has built a wide portfolio of over 1,000 brands, and won more than 600 design awards locally and internationally with his company in the past 53 years. The ‘Oriental Passion Western Harmony’ design philosophy initiated by Alan has been well-recognised by the international design scene and has brought immense influence to young designers. In 2017, he was honoured by Hong Kong Design Centre as the World's Outstanding Chinese Designer.

Since 2000, Alan has ventured into the new arena of fine arts. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Italy as well as United States. Being twice selected for Shanghai Biennale (2002, 2006) and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award (2010, 2012), his works of art and design have been collected by institutions such as Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, National Art Museum in China, Shanghai Art Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, M+ and Hong Kong Heritage Museum, as well as private collectors worldwide. In August 2023, a large scale solo exhibition titled "Alan Chan: Collecting Inspiration for Design" was held at the Phillips Asia Headquarters.

Course Schedule

12:30 pm - 2pm: Lunch with Alan Chan at CVIEW
2 - 3:30 pm: Floristry Workshop
3:30-4:30 pm: Photography Workshop

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